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weigher & filler (granules/Powder)

Applications: tea leaves, nuts, seeds, powder mix, juice drink, sugar, salt, spices, peppercorns, candies, coffee powder, coffee beans, and grains. 


Filling Range: 2 to 200g
Precision: 1g
Speed: 5 to 15 times/min
Power: 200W


Filling Range: 2 to 200g
Precision: 0.2g
Speed: 10-20 times/min
Power: 200W


Filling Range: 20- 1200g
Accuracy: 1 to 5g
Speed: 10-20 times/min
Power: 200W


Sachet Forming Machine

PHP 20,000

heavy duty

heavy duty

Filling Range: 25g to 1000g

Filling Range: 50g to 2000g

Filling Range: 1000g to 10,000g

Filling range precision varies from plus minus 2g, 4g and 15g each model.

Filling Speed (25g to 1000g) : 18 to 25 bags per minute

Filling Speed (50g to 2000g) : 15 to 25 bags per minute

Filling Speed (1000g to 10,000g) : 8 to 18 bags per minute 

we also have machine for packing chemicals.


Filling Range:

250 g

500 g

1000 g

2000 g

Applicable for:

white sugar, rice, muscovado, coco sugar, peppercorns, atsuete, ground pepper, msg, curry powder, turmeric, tea powder, juice powder, coffee beans, nuts, pili nuts, cocoa beans, seedlings, popcorn, and other spices.

Semi-automatic Volumetric Powder Filling
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